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In the process of trying to make him join the group the reader visits Brazil and Europe, and is drawn into historic mysteries, extending back in history even to the Egyptian pyramids. This novel also gives a glance at what future PCs and the Net might look like However, don't get turned off: this is a novel not a scientific book! Herb, also of Maori origin, independently finds the other half.

However, on a dangerous mission in Africa Namibia , given to them by Marcus, it is clear that neither Aroha nor Herb would have survived without the help of the strange artifact.

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This novel is written with a South-Western Australian background and the suspense and complexity increases as it develops. With the background of an authentic description of the Australian West, of Malysia and Singapore, Mandi tries to put up an impossible fight against huge international companies, and succeeds to some extent, due to Marcus' group and her brilliant negotiating skills XPERTS: The Parawarriors: In the not too-distant future, a nuclear war between Pakistan and India seems to be unavoidable.

Marcus and his team try to avoid the worst, at horrific costs. All efforts seem to be in vain. Yet, after interludes in India, Bali and La Reunion some form of normality returns, only to be disturbed or helped? A story of intrigues, human emotion and some strange emails capture the attention of the readers, with Marcus' group again playing a pivotal role in solving a complex scheme. Billions of people are about to die, is there any hope for them?

Yes, by mounting a terrorist attack in the past! This is a chilling novel, with a bright line of hope shown on the horizon, if we just decide to act NOW. In preparation Check the Website www. Choose at least two different, complementary ones, although three different or more would be even better, for example: I practice tarot but also know how to use pendulum.

Another method that adds to your divination abilities is to learn some extrasensory or mediumistic ability like seeing aura, object reading, communication with ghost, spiritual entities, scrying in black mirror, crystal ball, bowl of water, etc. Like you see those methods extend your possibilities beyond what one method can do and increase your sensibility to subtle energies, increase your intuition and precognition skill.

There are a lot of books in that department, choose some, read and practice. For examples from that area see Divination in Literature section. Hermeticism also called hermetics is an ancient knowledge that is the base for all types of western magic methods, so you have to know it. Note that because of its popularity, hermeticism was often used within christian paradigm so for many it may be seen as christian type of magick but nothing can be further of truth, it predates christianity. Hermetic beliefs are at the core of every pantheistic belief or even at the beginning of most religions you can see pantheistic traits there clearly, but they are explained in a different way nowadays.

The Kybalion Three Initiates. The Philosophers Stone — Israel Regardie. Franz Bardon — Practice of Magical Evocation hermeticism and ceremonial magick. Hermes Trismegistus — The Corpus Hermetica. Hermes Trismegistus — Corpus Hermeticum translated by G. Hermes Trismegistus — The Emerald Tablet.

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Chaos magick in itself is a modern, very potent and open for experiments paradigm that focuses more on efficiency then one type of magick. Because of that it is a great introduction to magick in general and offers a lot of possibilities with relatively little limitations on various areas. Chaos magick is highly eclectic but it has no focus within any system of belief.

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Not all methods or perspective mentioned in chaos magick books are suited for satanists. Too wide variety of resources like for example using angels, Hindu gods, non personal energetic creations, etc. However because satanic magick itself is also eclectic as chaos magick they have lot in common. Chaos magick offers some specific techniques like using of sigils not to mistake with demonic or… angelic sigils that are used differently and creating servitors. Short to say, chaos magick is a great base to build your magickal knowledge upon, to learn various techniques.

It could be easily adapted for satanism.

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However this is only a starting point. Where to begin an adventure through chaos magick? I recommend books and texts of Phil Hine because of his clear and accessible style. They are great for those who begin their magical journey. Caroll, Austin Osman Spare, etc. You can start with:. Phil Hine — Oven-ready Chaos. Phil Hine — Prime Chaos. Peter J. You need to know that the term witchcraft is understood as two different things. First is a type of practiced magick, second is the religious practice or religion itself like Wicca or similar neo-pagan ones. In books about witchcraft those both approaches are often mixed together presenting witchcraft techniques and witchcraft beliefs.

This fluffy and shallow, ridiculous, limiting approach may be irritating or laughable at best but still some texts could be useful. Witchcraft writings being religiously attuned are simpler, less or hardly ever intellectual and less focused on sound explanations if so, they are mystical, spiritual rather then psychological or scientific. But on the other hand they present focused, spiritual approach devoid of cynicism or distance that crawls all over chaos magick.

Most publications are wicca light wishy washy craps that may give a beginner some simple ideas how to work with certain rituals and spells but mostly are annoying by its fluffy and simplistic approach. Those who want to learn satanic magick should begin with Mastering Witchcraft — Paul Huson.

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This is old school witchcraft with elements of satanism anti-christian blasphemy rite — reciting prayers backwards is recommended as a beginning of magickal journey by breaking bonds with christian religion. Witchcraft do share historic roots with satanism whether wiccans like it or not.

Mastering Witchcraft is about this specific type of magick and not about religion refreshing! Author presents both positive and negative workings with some warnings but leave the decision to readers.

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  6. You may also want to check other books to find out that most of publication here present poor quality, wicca rainbowy stuff. Get to know grimoires, basics of demonology and read demonolatry books about the work with demons only for those interested in satanic magick! They have a fun value rather then a practical one.

    But those grimoires could be also a great source of symbolism, names, correspondences, drawings, character features of demons. It can inspire you when creating your own invocation ritual. Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black — Pacts With the Devil quite interesting and worth reading book although the rituals here come from old christian ceremonial magick so there is no use for them nowadays, especially for satanists who operate from completely different paradigm, but till now you should be very familiarized with the art of adapting certain ideas to both modern and satanic approach.

    The Telekinetic

    There are also modern demonolatry, luciferian, satanic books and texts available to buy. They are much better source of basics for your satanic practice then above mentioned grimoires. I list here just few examples, more are to be found online:. Connolly, Valerie Corban, B. Shamanism allows you for inner journey through primal, animistic techniques and will show you variety of simple yet creative and potent methods. It could give you an ability to see how the same magickal principles could be used in various ways depending of system of beliefs and culture.

    You will also see similarities between other magickal practices giving you better understanding of how magick works. Books of Max Freedom Long about Huna were my first close up with this topic years ago and it inspired me a lot. Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King presents modern take on similar subject giving you something to ponder about. I have some personal issues with some Huna beliefs but the techniques are interesting and easy to use.

    Northern Tradition Shamanism lot of various texts.