Writing a Book in 30 Days: A 60-Minute Masterclass (60-Minute Masterclasses 5)

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Readers respond. Gizmodo, Sep Kristen V. Brown Are preprints the future of biology?

Judy Blume Teaches Writing - Official Trailer - MasterClass

El inquietante poder de "reescribir" los genes La Nacion, Sep Federico Kukso Was the big paper about the successful editing of human embryo genes wrong? Gifford Jones New book: Will the woolly mammoth roam the Earth again?

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Biocentury, Jun Mary Romeo Humans have wrecked global biodiversity. Can we undo it?

Praise for Life on Earth:

Gizmodo, 9-Jun Kristen V. Harvard Health, May Anthony L. Ross, Willam L. Max, Owen Freeman Integrating genetics into our daily lives with Amazon's Alexa Veritas, Apr, 2 min film Rodrigo Martinez Human de-extinction: If we disappear from the planet, should our species be revived? The Scientist, Feb Joshua A. Forbes, Feb Matthew Herper Paleoanthropologist seems quite sure that hybrid elephant embryo with wooly mammoth characteristics will not be created within two years NextBigFuture, Feb Brian Wang How mammoth cloning became fake news Medium.

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Here's Why That's BS. The Wall St. Medscape, Mar, 19 min film Eric J. Are we prepared for the fallout? Journal, Jan Shirley S. Mercury News, Nov Lisa M. Bioethicists are again trying to stand athwart progress, yelling stop Reason. Buckle Up. What did the media get wrong? Becker Clone a Mammoth? Topol, A. Harvard Gazette, Dec Kat J. Should They? Schroeder A picture of health BusinessLife. Perkel Behold the mammoth [maybe] Harvard Gazette, Phys. Gene drives could be a powerful new tool to manage wild ecosystems. Johnson New potential way to control spread of insect-borne disease Phys.

Or Is It? Newcomer Custom Babies? Newcomer DNA 2.

Boston Globe, Jan Carolyn Y. The Cloud Is Next. Breakthrough of the year runner-up. I didn't wait.


Perkel Genes without patents Phys. Boston Globe, 2-Jul Carolyn Y. What Are We? Where Are We Going? Nature News, Jun Steven E. Scientific American, 6-Mar John R. The Future of Data Storage? The fee covers 10 days of tuition and mentoring. The course will be concluded with a joint presentation and the award of a certificate. You also get a two additional masterclasses on How to use emotions in writing and a free additional lecture on Caribbean literature.

The course is also an opportunity for expanding your network. During joint activities you will get to know both the other course participants and the teachers and representatives of the various organizations involved.

Education, Evolved.

Students with a valid student ID are eligible for a discount. We also offer the option of a staged payment plan. If needed, you can indicate this on the enrolment form. There is a scholarship of euro available for one participant. This scholarship consists of a discount on the course fee, meaning that you will be responsible for your accommodation and travel expenses, but only have to pay euros for the course. You need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. If you are interested in one of these rooms, check out the FAQ, and send us an email.

You can also send us an email if you want any suggestions on other accommodation. We can help you find a nice place to stay and help with local transportation.

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We can also help you connect with other students, to share accommodation and transport. For more information about local transport, car rental, accommodation and traveling to and on the island check out our F. Fill out all the fields of the form, and make sure that you have checked out our F. The deadline for enrolment is July 31th. Only if you have paid the entire fee, your application is definite.

Payment Information

Afterwards, you will hear whether or not you have won the scholarship. If so, your payment will be refunded. With exception of the individual sessions and the masterclasses, these are during the day.

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  4. You need to read texts, and write on your project. You will probably need two or three hours a day for this. You can participate as a beginner without prior experience in creative writing, but you can also participate if you already have some experience in creative writing. The exercises and guidance will then be adjusted to your level. Included: 8 Classes, 1 individual session, 1 masterclass How to Use emotion in Writing, 1 Capita Selecta masterclass on Caribbean literature, 1 end presentation of the course.

    Not included: meals, drinks, transportation, accommodation. We will have a moonlight walk and BBQ together, and of course we will go to the famous Avila Beach hotel on the last Thursday evening to listen to the music and have diner together. You can book a room on the University. If you are interested in one of these rooms talk to: Monique Warnier.

    Monique is the coordinator of the Creative Writing Courses. Or mail Joeri Oltheten , our tutor living on the island. Especially check the F. We advise you to rent a car. If you really want to experience the island, and explore the island in your own time, a car is a necessity. One course, two classes This September we will be offering a Creative Writing course in two different classes: —One class will be taught in Spanish and English by Javier Sagarna, head of Escuela de Escritores from Madrid.

    Masterclass As part of the Creative Writing course you will get two extra masterclasses on the subject How to use emotions in writing by Latin American writer Mariana Torres, also available for mentoring along the course. Multilingual tutors will be in attendance to assist with the discussion of the texts.