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Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a freelance photography company. The photography trade has gone through many changes from what it was when it started. Photographs today can be taken with devices other than the basic camera. Also, the industry has many niches as many photographers look to stand out with their craft.

What is a flash sale?

If you are therefore looking to start a photography business, it is important that you understand where your passion lies and then go for it. The business can be started with little capital especially if you are looking to freelance. Just like any other business, it is important that you conduct some research when looking to start this business as this will help you know what to expect and if you should even go into the business at all. If you have the money, you might go as far as engaging the services of an experienced business consultant to help you out.

Another thing that you should have at hand is a business plan.

How to Write a Business Plan for Starting Your Own Business in 2020

The photography industry even though it has been in existence since the 17 th century, started growing and developing in the late s due to improvement in technology. Digital photography made its foray into the industry in the late s and ever since then cell phones have also evolved to include digital photography and video in their features.

The niches that exist in the photography service industry include photojournalism, portrait photography, sports photography, wedding photography, news photography, advertising photography, commercial photography, scientific photography, industrial photography, nature photography and architectural photography. Professional photographers have the choice of either shooting with film or with film and digital even though most commercial photographers prefer digital cameras due to the convenience and speed it offers.

This increased efficiency however means that photographers have to offer other services in order to be able to stand out. The rise of the digital cameras have however allowed for the phasing out of certain jobs related to photography such as photo processing workers, film lab technicians and those that repair cameras or their accompanying equipment.

There are more than , photography businesses in existence employing more than , people; which means that most photography businesses are run by one or two people with only a few employing more than four people. The industry specializes in different range of photography services and the final products are either printed out on a photo paper or electronically but in a compressed file format.

There are some operators that print photographs on objects such as promotional items but sales from these niche amounts tot just 1 percent of the revenue generated by the entire industry. The photography industry has experienced growth between the period of and due to the growing per capita disposable income as well as an increase in how advertising agencies are spending which has led to an increase in demand for services regardless of the niche of photography one is in.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Business-Plan Competitions

The number of establishments in the industry comprises of companies that are in a single location as well as those that are in multiple location. Our vision is to build a photography service that will exceed the expectations of our clients in every detail, as we intend to be recognized as a foremost freelance photography service here in Fairmount Avenue — Philadelphia and we intend to achieve this through creativity and delivering high quality works. Even though the industry is filled with intense competition, we are well positioned to penetrate the market by not only giving our clients quality work with reasonable prices but ensuring their convenience at all times.

We are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Even though we have been established with the sole intention of generating revenue and maximizing profit through our freelance services, we will be offering a number of services so that our clients have no need of patronizing another brand, thereby enabling us to effectively compete against our competitors. We are willing to invest in hiring the finest professionals to work with us and we also have plans in place to ensure that we acquire the best of equipment as well as software.

Business Plan Template

We know how important our customers are and so we are willing to work in ensuring that we retain a high percentage of our customers by giving our loyal customers discounts at periodic intervals and by putting in place strategies that will allow us retain a high number of these customers to our brand. We do not intend to rest on our oars when offering services to our clients as we will continue to explore better ways to serve our clients.

To this effect, we intend to remain updated as regards any trend in the industry. We intend to build a solid business structure as we understand that the foundation to our success lies in how well we recruit those that are not only professionals but are also committed to our goals and objectives. We intend to craft the right policies that will lay the groundwork for our success as a company. We will ensure that we hire professional, competent and creative individuals. We intend to ensure that the environment is conducive enough for our employees and that their skills are updated every now and then to reflect the trends in the industry.

At Quick Flash Photography, our intention is to ensure that we help our clients preserve memories by giving them shots that are creative and of high quality all the times, regardless of the setting. We however are established to make profit and due to this, will offer other services in order to create multiple sources of income and improve our bottom line so that we can remain for as long as we want in this business.

Other services that will be offered will not be outside the genre of photography.

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Our vision is to build a photography service that will exceed the expectations of our clients in every detail, as we intend to be recognized as a freelance photography service here in Fairmount Avenue — Philadelphia. Our mission is to ensure that we help provide preserved memory services that are creative and of high quality to our clients. We intend to build a business structure that is solid and will enable us to achieve all our intended goals and objectives. Our desire to attain excellence in our business has led us to build a solid business structure so that we can become a force to reckon with in the industry.

Because we intend to get it right from the beginning, we have laid down processes and plans that will ensure that we hire only the best to work with us. We intend to have a mixed management team of those that understand the photography industry as well as have business acumen so as to help achieve our desired goals and intentions.

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Write a great plan Understand your business Know your selling points Develop successful marketing Take your business forward "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. Book Description : Are you keen to create a brilliant business plan but not sure how to go about it?

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