The Importance of Recognising Dragon Shyte (The Fairy Saga (Young Adult Version) Book 2)

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Diana is a Guardian charged with saving innocents and destroying evil wherever she finds it. Trouble, as she calls him, is a vampire whose psychic power makes her radar go off the charts. When Valdez realizes that the serial killer stalking Dallas is not human, he knows he needs help. In Jinx High, Diana is summoned to Oklahoma by an old friend who fears that his teenage son is in supernatural danger from a fellow classmate. Instantly, but in terror that would make dying seem to last an eternity.

For me? Foolish child, do you not know what I am? What I could do to you? The Ghost laughed, a sound with no humor in it, the kind of laugh that called up empty wastelands and icy peaks. Fiddle, then.

And pray to that Sacrificed God of yours that you fiddle well, very well. If you please me, if you continue to entertain me until dawn, I shall let you live, a favor I have never granted any other. In one, an evil queen will take the throne and welcome the Inquisition in, debauching the nation and threatening even the elf strongholds throughout the land. In another, a red-haired child will grow up to take the throne and usher in a golden age of literature, music, and art.

The evil Unseleighe Sidhe, who draw power from pain and misery, welcome the coming of a ruler of humans who will increase their strength, and are determined to prevent the red-haired child from coming to the throne. Unless the good Sidhe can find the child and protect her from the evils and dangers of both the human and elven worlds, she will never grow up to become Elizabeth, Queen of England in the Sixteenth Century.

So she set out to make a new life for herself. Who promptly offered Elena a most unexpected job… Now, instead of sleeping in the chimney. She has to deal with arrogant, stuffed-shirt princes who keep trying to rise above their place in the tale. Use your superpowers, fight crime, stave off the occasional rogue mutant — then get some rest and have a nice day. But when swastika-laden robotic warriors from an alternate and incredibly advanced Third Reich discover a way to breach the barrier between worlds, the metas face an opponent that will push them to the edge of extinction.

Mercedes Lackey

And if they can survive the transdimensional menace, the titanic effort will finally push the metas onward to find their true place in society and force them to forge a new, heroic destiny for their kind! From New York Times best-seller and science fiction and fantasy mistress of adventure Mercedes Lackey together with a team of topnotch collaborators, the start of a new saga of superpowers — and the very human men and women who must learn to wield them without losing themselves in the process! Sacred Ground — Publisher: Native American myth and magic blend with fantasy novel by the author of Winds of Change.

Private investigator Jennifer Talldeer, grandaughter of a powerful Medicine Man — and a shaman-in-training herself — finds she is in deep trouble when a routine insurance investigation turns into much more.

These stories tell the adventures of Dick White, cat handler for the space ship Brightwing, and the cats he is supposed to be handling. Includes Fiddler Fair and Werehunter for the first time in one volume. A massive collection of wonderous science fiction and fantasy stories from New York Times best selling Mercedes Lackey. Fiddler Fair Running the gamut from her beloved Bardic fantasies to urban fantasy set in the modern world, from science fiction adventure to chilling horror, this is Mercedes Lackey at her best.

Lawrence of Arabia meets a power beyond human comprehension, and King Arthur is reborn into the present day when he again gains possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur. Werehunter A young woman who has been given the power to transform herself into a leopard, but she now finds herself pursued by a hunter who is more than human.

World Without End

Return to the world of the Heralds of Valdemar series, and much more. No such luck: his apartment building is a safe-house for a group of occult Guardians protecting New York from supernatural evil. But this gets the attention of Aerune mac Audelaine, lord of the dark Unseleighe Sidhe, who hopes to use the drugs to break through to the human world.

Both plans will bring terror to the world — and both are threatened by the very existence of Eric Banyon. Young adult. But what is the work? What is Tomas arrested for? Arson, but arson that cannot be explained. Tomas has a most unusual gift: he is a fire-starter — he can start fires with sheer force of will that flame from the tips of his fingers. More, he can will fireballs to hurl at his enemies or opponents, and he can incinerate any evidence. But the courts decide they have enough to convict young Tomas and send him off to a school which Tomas believes to be a kind of jail : St.

At St.


Things he could never have imagined happen at St. He begins to believe in what he actually sees astral warriors, for example and all that he is taught by his attractive young mentor, VeeVee.

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All students at St. Tomas, too, must learn about the ethics and the laws of magic of which he knows nothing and more, how to control the strength and force of his fire. Join Tomas and his friends as they journey through St. If they succeed, their powers will take on new relevance and meaning. Honoria Gibbons is a smart, self-sufficient young woman who also happens to be a fabulous inventor. Both young women travel the prairie alone — until they are brought together by a zombie invasion!


And why? This gunslinging, hair-raising, zombie western mashup is perfect for fans of Cowboys vs. Publisher: it is the year The great winged Lion stares over a Venice where magic thrives. The rich Venetian Republic is a bastion of independence and tolerance. Perhaps for that reason, it is also corrupt, and rotten with intrigue. But for the young brothers Marco and Benito Valdosta, vagabond and thief, Venice is simply-home.

They know nothing of the powerful forces moving in the background. They have barely heard of Chernobog, demonlord of the North, who is shifting his pawns to attack Venice in order to cut into the underbelly of the Holy Roman Empire. Maria might be an honest canaler, but she had the hottest temper a boy could find. Yet among the dark waters of the canals lurk far worse dangers than a hot-tempered girl.

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Chernobog has set a monster loose to wreak havoc on the city. Magic, murder and evil are all at work to pull Venice down. Fanatical monks seek to root out true witchcraft with fire and sword. Steel-clad Teutonic knights, wealth traders, church dignitaries and great Princes fight and plot for control of the jewel of the Mediterranean.

And somehow all of these, from thieves to mages to princes, must gather around Marco and his brother Benito, under the shadow of the great winged lion of Venice. Captain Pausert had foiled the deadliest of space pirates and eliminated the threat of the Worm World, yet his troubles kept piling up. Sent on a secret mission to stop the nanite plague, a self-aware disease that could devastate whole worlds, he quickly found that someone had convinced the Imperial Fleet that he was actually a wanted criminal, which led to a battle leaving his ship in urgent need of repairs.

And while Goth and the Leewit, two of the notorious witches of Karres, could do amazing things, ship repair was not in their line. So he stopped at the next planet for repairs, but found that somehow his bank account had been cut off, and the authorities were looking for someone matching his description.

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There was only one thing to do-join the circus! An interstellar traveling circus, that is. All the galaxy loves a clown — as long as Pausert, Goth and the Leewit can keep their disguises from slipping. The show must go on — or the galaxy is doomed! Our contributor this week is one Mieneke, a newer but very welcome presence in the blogosphere. She has chosen to talk about Mercedes Lackey. No other author takes up as much shelf space in my bookcases as she does.

Lackey is a prolific writer, who writes across many sub-genres.