Suckers n Scallies: A gritty novel, with plenty of Scouse lingo and retro sweets

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We love our city, and wanted to create a festival that brought together all those things that makes this place so dynamic, individual and forward-. What can festival-goers expect from Liverpool Loves? From an amazing music programme, comedy and street theatre to the best local. I started understanding how the camera worked around the same time that I grew a beard, donned a dark red beanie and started listening to Bon Iver on repeat. So I did my research on how it was meant to work, and shot a spool.

Why was film nothing like digital? How did the olden times people make such beautiful imagery on film? I mean, I got one or two cool shots, but overall it was a massive waste of money. Coincidently, I had a band wanting some film shots for artwork, and a few rolls filled with expired film. I felt like I was a better photographer than in , so I took the plunge. I asked around where the best place to get film developed in the city was, and I was surprised how limited my options. Moorfields Photographic are well established and produce quality shots, all done in house.

Barring ASDA, most other places outsource their film. So I decided to get one roll developed in Moorfields and one in Eclipse - keeping it local. The results from Moorfields were as expected from a well established company, and I was blown away by the shots; I actually really liked them.

Especially seeing as it only cost 7 quid. Eclipse has a far more personal touch, so while the outcome was not as refined as Moorfields, the shots had character as each frame is scanned and developed by hand. A few days later I caught up with the photographer, MUA, and digital designer trio of VAMP Creative - whose studio is also based in the Baltic Triangle - and found that not only did they win a competition to design the new Jefferson Airplane album cover how cool? So I passed on my findings and a few days later they came back with these stunning, 70s themed, film shots.

Modelled by Jessica Conner at Boss Model Management, the idea of the shoot was to create something that embodied the 70s era. We are a trio of creatives able work together to develop a concept from mood board to print or online publication and circulation. We established ourselves within the creative circle of the Baltic Triangle in but we have recently undergone some changes.

You can learn more about our individual members, what we do and how we do it by visiting our website www. Our packages offer a range of services ideal for those thinking of starting a new company or re-branding an existing business as VAMP Creative will help you every step of the way creating Marketing Content from scratch. For commercial clients looking to create eye catching and professionally produced visual material whether for advertising campaigns or a fashion look book, our premium package gives. We offer a full consultation with the team beforehand so together we can plan a styled, conceptual project that will add something original to your work.

suckers n scallies a gritty novel with plenty of scouse lingo and retro sweets Manual

Alternatively if you have an idea yourself and need help bringing to life, VAMP will be able to provide that service for you. In fact the band liked the design so much that Jefferson Airplane have given us the opportunity to turn the artwork into a T-Shirt design also, which is very exciting for the team. VAMP Creative are constantly trying out alternative techniques and taking inspiration from current trends. When deciding to do a retro style shoot we took inspiration just as much from the current catwalk trends as from original photos from the era, and felt that in order to capture that nostalgic feel as well as create something that was authentic and truly faithful to the decade we chose to shoot in 35mm.

The street wear store appears to have drawn inspiration from historical events of New-England such as the Boston Tea Party. A patriotic mix of Red White and Blue, is opted for throughout the runners upper, with alternating gold and silver tiger stripes adding a shine to the Asics branding.

Nubuck is used on the toe bumper and toe box, hairy suede around the heel and custom foot beds ensure premium materials are used throughout. A soft sand suede covers the upper of the classic Hawaii silhouette, supported by a gum sole, completed with contrasting brown three stripes branding. Plucked from the Adidas archive, the Island Series legacy lives on, through fine attention to detail, a simple and humble silhouette is reborn again, still looking brilliant with shorts, and more than likely to get the thumbs up from a terrace-talking uncle at a family barbeque.

We all wear shorts. Get some black shorts and wear these with them. The pop of teal on these makes them near irresistible. For best results, wear them with some fitted jogging bottoms and climb a ladder. Trust me. Upstairs in Soho Vinatge is where you will find owner Jockey and his treasure chest of adidas, all at very reasonable prices.

Everything is a remix. It blew up, peaking at number three in the UK charts. Is outdoing the original with his remix always the aim? I still love that record. Whomp It - Kevin Saunderson 3.

School Of British Accents – SCOUSE

Caution You feat Wayne - Tennant 4. Battery Park - Andre Hommen 4. If it had not been for the charts back then, it would have been hard to convince me that people were really getting into it. I think it kind of went viral with a small group of the underground guys without the benefit of the internet and then it caught on. I will admit that I created a certain type of remix but it was definitely after being inspired by Mr.

Diddy definitely switched it up for hip-hop though. An article recently claimed the problem with deep house even in this day and age is that it is a predominantly straight white male occupied industry. What are your views on this? After a decade and a half away he was coaxed back into the house music fold by Jamie Jones, Lee Foss and their Hot Creations crew, the remix king back on his throne, although most of his original audience are now mostly middle-aged, settled, and spending Saturday nights in front of the tele.

I hardly ever got out to see the light of day, I was always producing. But does this. Ebooks and Manuals

Summer, sex, and life behind the decks So summer is here Are you single right now? I am by myself in the studio right now. By nature, I am a really shy person and tend to stay away from those kind of questions.

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I am planning on enjoying the Summer but I just looked at my schedule and most of my free time looks like Airport lounge connection time. A couple of promoters made these temporary tattoos with MK on them, I actually never suggest for girls to put them there, I guess girls will be girls Girls do love vocals and to be truthful, so do guys. I can always tell when I play vocal tracks though. I definitely have a bunch of really good DJ friends who tend to be on the same circuits as I am and the best part is we usually end up making music together.

Tickets on sale now www. Diamonds are formed under pressure.

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For over years, the working class neighbourhoods of Merseyside have had to fight and survive against crippling levels of unemployment and poverty, climb barriers of social exclusion, rage against authority, and live with significant levels of crime and its fallout. These factors have created fertile grounds within the city for producing a special breed of boxer. From as far back as the s, Liverpool has written chapters worthy of note in the annals of boxing history. These are just a few fighters from Liverpool to have left a legacy within the sport.

Proof if it was ever needed that boxing is in the genes plus two Chris Eubanks. The region is also widely acknowledged. It stems from the days when 20, men would go down to the docks after 6, jobs. These are the tough environments that provide the very hardest, and the very best boxers.

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Boxing is a way out the ghetto. Just as much in his corner as right there in his face. For a champ, roughened social conditions act as the stick and the gloves act as the carrot, with a successful career looking like the only way of making a better life. Home of boxing When boxing really took off in Liverpool at the start of the 20th Century, it quickly made its mark. Before any purposebuilt stadium could be envisaged, boxing first had to emerge from the world of illicit sports. But the history and romanticism of boxing means it is still the number one show at box office level with the Mayweather v Pacquiao fight underlying that.

Earnie Shavers, a heavyweight hailing from Alabama who famously took Mohammed Ali the distance only to lose on points in a fight, which incidentally featured the first ring entrance music, when Cassius Clay strode into the arena epically backed by the Star Wars theme tune. Shaking his huge hand as you made your entrance to the bar was to make a tangible connection to the greatest boxing story ever told.

It could only happen in Liverpool. It became a sense of civic pride.


The show must go on, even if it meant dragging the audience up to be knocked the fuck out. Proof that the top fights can pull in the big crowds still.

The relationship between fighters and the city they were from became much stronger in the s and s, when boxing switched from being an underground sport to one open to the masses and embraced by the working class. Their role in offering youngsters a way off the streets and the confidence to handle themselves on them is a little different to what the Duke of Edinburgh Award has to offer. I was intrigued to hear the thoughts of somebody with an outside perspective on boxing and Merseyside.

Talking to Jona, it was clear she was fond of the boxing clubs she found and their roles within the surrounding communities, and concerned to hear that one ABC she spent so much time. Still battered, bruised and recovering from a grueling 12 round slug-fest and the celebrations that obviously followed, I ask Derry how it felt, fighting for a world title in his home city.