Studies in Byzantine Sigillography: Vol 10: Volume 10

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Related Content. Byzantine Military Organization on the Danube, 10thth Centuries. The current state of research on this contact area between Byzantium and East Central Europe during a troubled period invites a new synthesis of the most recent finds and interpretations. No such comprehensive work addressing both literary and archaeological evidence exists for the history of the Byzantine Danubian provinces in the 10thth c.

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The main purpose Alexandru Madgearu's book is to establish a chronology for the provincial organization and for the development of the Danubian frontier. Author: Gergely Csiky. Besides the classification, manufacturing techniques, fittings, suspension, distribution, and chronology of polearms and edged weapons known from Avar-age burials, a special emphasis is laid on the origins and cultural contacts of these weapons, among them the first edged weapons with curved blades: the sabres. The social significance and, function of these artefacts is discussed in order to place them in nomadic warfare.

Editors: Andrew Reynolds and Leslie E. Early Medieval Art and Archaeology in the Northern World brings together leading experts on the European early Middle Ages in a celebration of the life and work of internationally renowned scholar James Graham-Campbell. The geographical coverage of this volume reflects Graham-Campbell's interests and expertise which ranges from Ireland to Eastern Europe and from Scandinavia to Spain. The new perspectives and original studies offered represent a major contribution to the field of medieval studies, with papers on the art, archaeology, history and literature of European societies between the fifth and thirteenth centuries.

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    Hagiography and Homiletic. Various ecclesiastical writings.

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    Byzantino-Slavica I. Byzantino-Slavica II.

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    Byzantine theology. Th e dialogue between theology and philosophy in Byzantium. Th e Byzantine cosmologies 4th — 7th c. Medieval dissent: Bogomils and other religious dissidents on the Balkans. Warfare, diplomacy and cultural exchange, 10th—12th c. Byzantium and the Papacy.

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    Empire in decline I. Empire in decline II. Art, aesthetics, music I. Art, aesthetics, music II. History of Byzantine Studies. Problems of iconography. General questions. Christ and Saints. Pre-fourteenth-century murals and mosaics. Mural painting, 14th century. Miniature illumination and codicology. Icons, minor objects. Post-Byzantine art. Varia Byzantina. Poster Session.

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    Apply Reset. Socialist Yugoslavia in agony — Add to Wish List. Add to Comparison. Tsar Ivan Asen II — Ancient Greek literature: From the legendary beginnings of poetry to the end of Hellenism. Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, vol. Authors: I. Iliev, A. Nikolov eds.

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    Description Specification Reviews 0. Le dialogue byzantino-bulgare M. Cities and Public Spaces R. Constantinople in Serbian Medieval Sources K. Liberties and Limitations in Byzantium D. Notes on the Formation of the Byzantine World J. Instrumenta Studiorum RT2. Byzantine Missions among the Slavs RT Archaeology of Byzantine Landscapes RT Constantinople and Ravena RT Byzantium and Viking World RT The Icon RT Hymnographie et musique dans le monde byzantin RT Thessalonique: urbanization at dynamiques socials RT Cyprus between East and West RT Constantinople and the Inhabitants RT Archaeology in the Byzantine space I FC2.

    Numismatics and sphragistics FC4. Pottery and other crafts FC5. Early Byzantium FC6. Th e Power of Byzantium FC7. Periphery and provincial aristocracy FC8. Th e Byzantines and the others FC9. Monasteries and Christian paideia FC Church Architecture I FC Architectural Heritage FC History and Literature FC Hagiography and Homiletic FC Various ecclesiastical writings FC Byzantino-Slavica I FC Byzantine theology FC Th e dialogue between theology and philosophy in Byzantium FC Medieval dissent: Bogomils and other religious dissidents on the Balkans FC Byzantium and the Papacy FC Empire in decline I FC26A.

    Empire in decline II FC