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Winter is Coming

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House Stark -- Whispers

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Ned Stark's Last Words Might Reveal A Secret About Jon Snow

The major piece of evidence for this theory comes from George R. This theory is one of several proposed by fans about what kinds of twisty things Bran might have been involved with in the past. For more, check out our gallery of fan theories below. The idea here is that the Mad King Aerys raped Joanna Lannister in the books it's said that he had a thing for her and that's where Tyrion came from.

So Tywin's total hatred for the dude has deeper motivations than just that Joanna died giving birth to him or that he's a dwarf. The idea here is that since Jon's parents are actually Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen -- meaning Ned Stark is NOT his father -- Jon and Sansa are cousins instead of siblings and nobody would think it's weird if they got together to solidify their hold on the North. Or maybe even to lay claim on all of Westeros.

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The standard story of Robert's Rebellion says that events were set in motion when Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped Lyanna Stark. We know also that Jon Snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna's kid, and there's reason to believe the kidnapping was not actually a kidnapping. But what if also Rhaegar was actually married to Lyanna? In fact, this one was confirmed in the Season 7 episode "Eastwatch," when Gilly discovered the files of High Septon Maynard, who served under the Mad King.

He noted that he annulled Rhaegar's marriage, and then married him to someone else. As fans expected, that sounds like Rhaegar's marriage to Elia Martell was annulled, and he was married to Lyanna -- which would make Jon Snow Rhaegar's trueborn son and heir. So "Game of Thrones" may yet pull another "Game of Thrones" on us in that regard by proving this theory wrong.

What Did Lyanna Whisper On 'Game of Thrones'? Ned Stark's Sister Still Has A Few Secrets

This one involves the assumption that some words were translated wrong in the prophecy of the one who would save the world from the White Walkers -- according to the intrepid fan who came up with this theory , the Valyrian words for "lord" and "light" are curiously similar to the words for "gold" and "hand.

None other than Ser Jaime. We're learning a lot about the rules of the White Walkers in Season 7, but one fan theory posits the Night King was actually created much later, as a means of stopping them. Instead of being the first White Walker, the Night King is actually "the last hero," the guy credited with leading the charge to stop the Walkers thousands of years ago during the Long Night. Given that some think the last hero is the Westerosi version of the Azor Ahai myth, this idea would add some twists to the Night King as a character.

There's an argument to be made that it's Davos Seaworth who's actually Azor Azhai. A big part comes from the argument that it's Davos, and not Melisandre, who revives Jon Snow.

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Or maybe they have? Like Cersei, dear ole Petyr Baelish probably feels like he has nothing to lose now, with Catelyn long since dead and her daughter apparently spurning his advances after he got her into that horrific mess with Ramsay. But he still has one huge ambition -- to rule Westeros. After that face he made at Sansa in the season 6 finale, it would likely surprise exactly no one if he marched the Knights of the Vale south and attempted to form a union with Cersei. And she'll need the help with Daenerys knocking at her door. There's gotta be a reason why Sam is going to start season 7 down at the Citadel instead of any of the places where stuff happens.

Our guess is he's going to figure out what the Walkers' thermal exhaust port is.

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  • That's not a butt joke -- it's a "Star Wars" reference. There's a line of thought that when the Night King touch Bran in his dream while he was up at the Three-Eyed Raven's cave, it made it so the Walkers could pass any magical barrier separating him from them. And guess what the largest magical barrier of them all is? The Wall, according to Uncle Benjen. With no children left to protect and war looming with Daenerys, it sure is easy to envision Cersei going full psycho this year.

    So much of what happens on "Game of Thrones" is history repeating itself -- and with Dany working very hard to avoid fulfilling her father's Mad legacy, Cersei, by contrast, probably isn't going to hold naything back anymore. Others previously also thought it might be Tommen, as a very delicious "Game of Thrones" twist -- but obviously Tommen isn't going to be killing anybody after jumping out that Red Keep window. The longer Season 7 goes on and the more moves Cersei makes, the more it seems that she's ruthless enough to do what her brother can't.

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    Jaime has been growing softer and more merciful for years, ever since he spent all that time with Brienne of Tarth. Cersei even warned him in Season 7 Episode 6 not to ever betray her again. Jaime's quickly becoming a liability, but his love for Cersei means he can't really turn on her. Especially with her new pregnancy talk, it seems like she's manipulating and maneuvering Jaime.

    A lot of little details in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books that make rising Westeros supervillain Euron Greyjoy even spookier haven't made their way into the show yet, but they still could. In the book, Euron is described as having pale blue lips because he's been drinking Shade of the Evening, the favorite drink of the warlocks. He also says some cryptic lines that suggest he might be controlling, or think he's controlling, storms.

    Unexplained Whispering in the Game of Thrones Books: Quotes You Need to See

    If he does indeed have some cool magical powers from his time spent in Qarth, it would make Euron a more formidable enemy -- especially because it would give him incentive to try to take the dragons from Dany, since the warlocks previously said the presence of dragons amplifies their powers. When Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven traveled back to the events outside the Tower of Joy in the May 8 episode, Bran was apparently able to shout and be heard by the younger version of his father, Ned Stark.

    The events of season 6, episode 5 -- in which Bran sees a fleeting vision of the Mad King -- seem to indicate this is very possible. After Episode 6 of Season 7, "Beyond the Wall," fans thought they caught sight of something weird going on with Longclaw , Jon Snow's Valyrian steel sword.

    When Jon emerges from the frozen lake, some say it looks like the eyes on the sword's wolf head pommel open.