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There also was no mention of the daughter Lizette after this record. In contradiction, a Shoshone oral tradition relates that Sacajawea left her husband, Charbonneau, married a Comanche, and later in life returned to her home in Wyoming where she died in at the age of Research has been done, and books have been written supporting both versions of history. The Shoshone we spoke with on our trip to the cemetery were confident that Sacajawea was here, back home in Wyoming.

The old woman who returned to Wind River would not have lied about her identity. It was not in her culture to do so. The cemetery location is remote with no signs marking the way. As the only undammed river in the lower 48 states, the Yellowstone River flows miles through Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.

Gracie the dog ranger works hard to keep Glacier National Park visitors and wildlife safe. Have a Native experience.

Petroglyphs and pictographs - some 12, years old - can be viewed in the Yellowstone region. Sites are in Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. This center was one of 10 camps in remote, isolated locations where more than 14, Japanese Americans were confined behind barbed wire. Is the stone a fake or does it mean Colter was the first Yellowstone explorer.

Also read about Colter's run from Blackfeet Indians which inspired a movie.

Jack Horner grew a dinosaur collection into one of the biggest in the country, but few know the story of the pioneering woman who co-founded the museum. Visit museums in Salt Lake City an Vernal for planetariums, dinosaur history, and western heritage exhibits.

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Sacajawea's Gravesite is Off-The-Beaten-Path

Where to Stay. Camping and RV Parks.

Hotels and Cabins. Inside Yellowstone Park. Near Yellowstone's West Entrance.

Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery

Near Yellowstone's East Entrance. Near Yellowstone's North Entrance. Near Yellowstone's Northeast Entrance. Near Yellowstone's South Entrance. It was used as a replacement for several cemeteries submerged below Folsom Lake when the Folsom Dam was built in The earliest burial from any of these cemeteries could have been , since several of these Mining Camps were first established in that year. Approximately one-half of this area is currently undeveloped; however, the area is being saved by the County for future cemetery relocations.

This cemetery is currently inactive and only accepts remains for previously-purchased plots.

Questions & Answers

There are occupied plots recorded in the cemetery and 17 plots that have been purchased for future burials. This photo shows the Negro Hill Burial Ground section where 36 grave markers show the most foul and wicked name in the English language for the early Black Pioneers. This area is called Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery.

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Were these African Americans slaves of Mormon people? Were they Mormons who maliciously replaced "negro" with you know what? Or is it just a coincidence? Why does a church who is stereotyped as being racist against African American's happen to be the name of the relocation center. It seems unlikely that there isn't some sort of an historical reason. William: Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery holds the bodies of approximately people relocated from eight cemeteries and five private burials. The vast majority of bodies about came from the original Mormon Island Cemetery. Instead of giving the relocation cemetery a long, run-on name that included the names of the eight original source cemeteries, I assume it was named "Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery" because of this fact.

Sorry, "vast majority" may be an overstatement. William: Sadly, the offensive term was very widespread at the time. Very few Mormon however 'owned' slaves [and using that language makes my skin crawl]. Most LDS in the late 's - 's were from the northern states and England. I doubt if any of the negro miners were slaves.

In fact, many "Mexicans" were mixed ancestry and came to mine. My guess is that many of the "negros" were "mexicans". Check out the history.