Slow Dancing - A Short Story

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Were there any historical societies that you modeled this city after, or was it all an original design? Did you do any research in building this society? Who are you? Get out of my head! Hold on. Maybe I agreed to something like this. I started with this idea that Bastion was going to be treated as if the city were a character. I wanted it to have personality, but just be a backdrop to the story. The civilization, however, is very much influenced by Aztec and assorted African flavours.

Slow Dance in Purgatory (Purgatory, #1) by Amy Harmon

Not much research went into the city. I knew before I started what I wanted it to be. The magic system on the other hand…. I love the idea of basing the magic system on using powerful drugs to speak with gods, enter a dream-state, and bind with allies in the spirit world. What was the creative process behind designing this system? Did you draw from any real-world experiences? For me a key part to any good magic system is the cost.

The Teachings of Don Juan.

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A Separate Reality. Fantastic amount of philosophy hidden in a fiction novel disguised as an anthropological text. I strongly recommend folks read them.

My own experiences with narcotics and hallucinogens definitely played a part in this novel as well. If someone wanted to learn more about this topic, which book would be the best place to start? I found myself asking if this design was the best idea the gods had to offer: a literal class divide. Did you write this as a commentary on what mankind might need in order to survive the long haul?

With two religious texts, The Book of Bastion the widely accepted text , and The Book of the Invisibles the text of the Loa there is some disagreement as to the original intent. Even then, The Book of Bastion has been rewritten and edited many times over the last 25, years. This will play a bigger part in book two as we learn more about the inner rings and the history of the world and Bastion.


But rather I like to poke at ideas, try and pick them apart, perhaps show them from another angle. My goal is always first and foremost to tell an interesting story; I want to take the reader somewhere new. Some of your earlier works push the boundaries of what grimdark has to offer. Is this an intentional choice, or something that your characters gravitate toward naturally as the story unfolds?

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Basically, all my favourite books get labelled grimdark. In my delusional and clearly flawed opinion, I have never written a grimdark novel. What I write is dark fantasy. Oh yeah. Character arc. I had the last scene in my head from the very beginning. The fun part is that I had no idea how to get the characters from the relatively innocent folks they are at the beginning to the people they become by the end.

So… yes, some of it was planned and most of it happened organically. Did I rant earlier about how, in fantasy, the world drives the story? Plot is like this boring planned thing. Stories are what happens when people in difficult situations make difficult decisions and shit goes sideways. Am I making sense?

I see bleak hopelessness as a key ingredient to grimdark. Certainly my Manifest Delusions novels have that in spades. They were meant to hopeless from the first word. Hell, the whole point was to write a book where all the characters were beyond redemption. And then everyone went off about how grimdark it is.

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I see the characters on both sides of the struggle striving to do their best, fighting for what they believe is right. There are no good guys and bad guys.

The Dance Between Fiction and Nonfiction

Three years later, young Saul, hastily lashed to his bed with a blood-spattered leather strop, screamed up into the cold, cruel face of the Auschwitz SS matron as she bore down on the flesh of his shrunken forearm with the tattoo needle. Then and there the matron changed his birth-name to kinder His parents perished in the ghastly Zyklon B showers.

Months after the Allies liberated the camp, male orphan or Sonny as he was later nicknamed by all the kids in our town, arrived in America, sponsored by the child refugee aid committee of the local branch of the Protestant church located at the end of my block. He had been adopted by a childless wealthy couple, Richard and Mary McClure, who lived in a two-story house down the street from us. This action might not be possible to undo.

Brave New Worlds

Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Set in lates heartland America, "Slow Dancing" is a Rock 'n' Roll tale of enduring teenage friendship, feuding families, and the finality of death. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Publisher: Wayne C. Long Cover image Copyright abdulsatarid — Fotolia.

Beautiful & sad dance story

Hitler however had other plans for the little family.