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Laraway breaks down a three-step process for helping your employees develop both short- and long-term plans. Each of these steps involves about an hour of investment approximately two weeks apart from one another. Be their Barbara Walters. Take an hour to get to know your employees — deeply.

Begin with the phrase:. Then probe with more questions when they talk about pivots in their lives.


Laraway took this tactic with a direct report, who mentioned switching from cheerleading to swimming while in high school. It was so clear to both of us because of the story. Look for the patterns over the course of your people's lives that give you strong signal and just write them down. I had pages of notes that yielded a list of values and motivators that helped us have a shared, textured understanding of what she cared about and what brought her to this point. Spot their lighthouse and bring it into focus. Ask your employee about their dreams. In fact, some of you are thinking that you don't even know what you want to be when you grow up.

None of it should be time-bound — no year plans.

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The goal is to try to bring that lighthouse into focus. We want to see the paint chips. We want to see the red tiles on top. We want to see the seagull perched on it. He suggests the following three questions for focusing the vision only after you both understand the dream:. What size company do you imagine working for?

What industry do you want to be in? Do you want to be in a very senior individual contributor type role or very senior management type role? Laraway had an employee, Jane, who articulated this vision: Own and operate my own spirulina farm. Knowing her wildest dreams helped Laraway place her in a position that would deliver experiences that would compound and prepare her for where she was headed — even if she was in a different industry currently.

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She stayed at Google longer than I did, and continues to grow in the digital ad space at Facebook. Create a career action plan.

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  4. These will map out — in great detail — exactly how your employee is going to reach that vision for themselves. Think of it as a roadmap to self-actualization.

    Career Paths For Software Developers & Programmers: How Should I Choose?

    Now we've got a clear idea of this lighthouse in the distance. We know their dreams — what lights them up. At Candor, career action plans are developed into four parts. Each part has action items.

    Career Planning Guide for People in the Technology Industry – Breakout List

    Each action item should answer: Who will do what by when? What you have is that IDP exercise. Who will do what by when? That's an accountable plan. Develop their role. If you understand where employees are trying to go, you can make adjustments in their current role to move them in the right direction. People tend to want to stay put. Enhance their network. Who are the people that can help uncover opportunities that'll take them closer to their long-term career vision?

    Identify those people and help them get some meetings. Meeting people who are in their dream industry or job can be inspiring and clarifying. That inspires loyalty like nothing else. Define their immediate next step. You want to help them gain crystal clarity that this immediate next step is a logical one en route to their dreams.

    Enlist others to help hone their skills. Send your employees to training like conferences or workshops. Once employees pass each level, they receive wage increases and bonuses. CNS offers a library of training materials available to all employees; topics range from clinical, to managerial and administrative. We also broker other learning opportunities based on staff feedback, allowing employees to earn the credentials needed to provide superb service.

    Basic and advanced learning modules are designed in the following areas: clinical, research, evaluations, presentations, administration, advocacy, and special projects nonresearch based. For example, a therapist who wants to publish a journal article on their area of expertise can partner with a CNS researcher who would act as a guide and mentor for that project.

    Research Criminal Justice Careers

    This mentorship model helps staff achieve new career paths within CNS. SCOPE also offers training to help employees keep abreast of current methodologies and practices. On-site courses have included Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Treatment and classes for speech pathologists and physical and occupational therapists. Learn to Earn This free program is an additional, voluntary training that Neuro Rehabilitation Specialists are eligible for after three months of employment, providing a career path for advancement in CNS.

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