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To My Soul by Jiménez Juan Ramón | Poetry Magazine

No Western writer dealing with such large abstractions would sound natural. But from an oriental source they seem as appropriate as they are exotic. It is an easy magic, too vague to be lasting, but not harmful.

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Gibran himself I remember from the days before World War I, when I was occasionally taken to his studio by friends. I recall the shadowy studio, the folders of drawings, and a small but dignified Levantine with luminous dark eyes and exquisite hands.

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I see him making some Turkish coffee with ritualistic care. He told how the young girls on the slopes of Mount Lebanon strewed the spring freshets with flowers, and surmised that the custom was a survival from the ancient rites of Adonis.

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He spoke of the mysterious moon goddess who evolved from Ashtaroth through Astarte to Artemis. He was deeply interested in the history of the Church of Antioch in spite of his revolt against orthodoxy.

The Soul of Rumi Quotes

He spoke of the sacredness of the poet; and as I was a very young poet, 19 to be exact, I squirmed and smiled with embarrassment, at which he fixed me with his profound gaze, and I felt too awkward and unholy for my high calling. At the insistence of someone present he recited two or three of his parables, which subsequently appeared in "The Prophet. My general memory is of a man who had devoted his life to Contemplation, to Peace, to Love, to the Life of the Soul and the myriad forms of Beauty.

That these virtues too often remain mere capitalized abstractions in his writing diminishes the power but not the timeliness of their presentation. Please scroll through the topics listed below to see what we're working on!

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The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America

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