Love Wild: An Erotic Historical Romance for Women

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Queen eyed his lips, their fullness still remembered against her mouth. She shifted several times but found no relief from the pressure pulsing along her labia. Good Lord, how was she to make sense of so strong a physical reaction to this stranger? Had celibacy left her defenseless against physical contact from anyone?

Michal Scott is the penname of Rev. A native New Yorker, Anna is a recent transplant to the Southwest. She is enjoying the great weather along with her husband of twenty-nine years and their two cats. Her first novel was a contemporary inspirational gothic romance, Through A Glass Darkly, published in Her love of history and romance came together in her first erotic novella with Wild Rose Press, One Breath Away, in Anna has been a member of Romance Writers of America since and holds membership in six of their chapters.

She also writes inspirational romance as Anna Taylor and gothic romance as Anna M. My favorite place to write is a place with a view. Share 4. Anna Taylor Sweringen on January 29, at pm. Hi Maddison, Thanks for having me on your blog. Deb Noone on January 29, at pm. My pleasure. Jennifer Zander Wilck on January 29, at pm.

Best of luck with your new book proposals!

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Anna Taylor Sweringen on February 23, at pm. Hi Madison. I love finding new places to make new friends. The romance is sizzling hot, a surprise twist waits around every corner, and the stories will never leave you hanging although you may still crave more! Katie Louise is a native of Colorado where her whole family still lives. Traveling and meeting people are two of her favorite things along with chocolate, yoga, shooting, gardening, and being a devoted mama.

Her favorite books to write have strong heroes pitted against equally strong heroines with a healthy dose of romance thrown in. Lynn Lovegreen has lived in Alaska for fifty years. After twenty years in the classroom, she retired to make more time for writing.

She enjoys her friends and family, reading, and volunteering at her local library. Her young adult historical fiction is set in Alaska, a great place for drama, romance, and independent characters. See her website at www. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram. I love this far northern state of Alaska where the summer days are long and the winter nights even longer. I have one very special man, his three equally special children, and our five delightful grandchildren in my life.

Not to mention a very bossy African Grey parrot named Gabriel.

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Oh, and Gnomes! Many, many gnomes. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but knew Alaska would be my heart's home as soon as I stepped off the plane way back in the early 's. Living in Alaska is not for everyone, but it is definitely for me! A pilot myself, many of my stories involve aviation, strong female characters and the cultures and legends of my wild, untamed Alaska.

I write romantic suspense, paranormal romance and historical romance and enjoy weaving intricate plots with current events or cultural legends or myths. When I'm not writing, I can be found teaching women's self-defense seminars and martial arts, scuba diving in tropical locales, flying around the country or just getting away to some unique paradise with my hubby.

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  6. You can find my books at your favorite digital provider. Both digital downloads and, for the more traditional reader, hard copies are also available. You can take a sneak peak, or read the first chapter of all of my novels on my website at:. Website: miriammathews. Erin McLellan is the author of several contemporary romances, all of which have characters who are complex, goodhearted, and a little quirky. She likes her stories to have a sexy spark and a happily ever after. Originally from Oklahoma, she currently lives in Alaska and spends her time dreaming up love stories set in the Great Plains.

    She is a lover of chocolate, college sports, antiquing, Dr Pepper, and binge-worthy TV shows. Erin is a member of Romance Writers of America and its Alaska chapter. I write stories set in on a planet that resembles Alaska -- men go fishing, and women run everything else. Humor aside, this fictional planet has a surface covered entirely in ocean, fjords, mountains, and glaciers. So for that, this book gets 5 stars. The romance was powerful and timeless, the emotional turmoil that the star-crossed lovers faced was heart-wrenching, and the underlying loss of the Native American way of life is beautifully done in this story.

    There is a part of the book where Shunkaha Luca goes off to war and is presumed dead when he does not return with the other Indian warriors. When Brianna believes him to be dead, she participates in a very deep and emotion-based act of the Lakota culture, which is mutilating one's flesh as a way to demonstrate one's grief.

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    Wouldn't this have been such a great moment for Shunkaha Luca to come back to her and see her scars? Wouldn't the emotion be so deep and beautiful for him to see the scars she punished herself with, scars made for HIM? Such a waste of a potentially touching scene! I feel as though the 'skin mutilation in response to grief' thing was done a little better in Lakota Love Story by Madeline Baker same author of First Love, Wild Love because the main male lead Blue Hawk mutilated his skin while he grieved over the loss of his grandmother early on in the book.

    And the female lead actually SAW the scars and reacted to them. That is what I call bad storytelling! But, anyways, my rant is now over. The book itself is definitely a sweet story and is worth reading! Nov 27, Honeybee rated it really liked it.

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    Jun 30, Debra rated it it was amazing. Madeline Baker gives us a first hand view of a life that is long past.

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    She brings us emotionally into the heart of a desperate Indian, Shukade Luta, and a young, innocent white girl, Brianna. Both of these people have been abused, emotionally and physically, and that's what forms their first bond together. This bond eventually grows into a deep, mature love. Miss Baker not only shows us the life Brianna leads among the Indians, but then she brings us into the white world with her Indian. If you like historical romance, I would highly recommend this book.

    Jan 20, Elise Wilson rated it really liked it. What I appreciated most about this book was that 1 it included information on Native American culture though I wished for more , and 2 that it showed how the hero and heroine struggled with whether they could live in each others culture. It wasn't just a matter of love ruling over common sense, but a grappling over the reality of present day happenings, as well as what the future might hold for them and their children. There was a bit of an age difference between the couple, but the author What I appreciated most about this book was that 1 it included information on Native American culture though I wished for more , and 2 that it showed how the hero and heroine struggled with whether they could live in each others culture.

    There was a bit of an age difference between the couple, but the author told the story in a way that it wasn't an issue. This is my second book by Madeline Baker and I look forward to reading more. Mar 10, Jacqueline J rated it really liked it Shelves: from-the-library , western-historical-romance. I enjoyed this book. I found the heroine to be a little bit naive and wimpy but I guess all women even in fiction can't be strong self sufficient types.

    I wish that a bit more actual Native American lifestyle had been shown but what was there was interesting. I liked that both the hero and the heroing gave serious thought to whether or not they could fit into each other's world. I thought it was realistic that they realized that they could not live on in the old ways. I enjoyed watching two peop I enjoyed this book.

    I enjoyed watching two people cleave together through adversity. I am a huge fan of Native American romance stories. Read hundreds and hundreds of books. While I enjoyed this book I prefer my heroines to be innocent yet more stronger in character. Although, he was unsure where his heart lay I liked the fact that he was strong and brave.

    Again, I would of preferred for the heroine's character to have more fire. Feb 17, April Brookshire rated it really liked it Shelves: historical. The hero and heroine were so sweet in this book. They never went through the misunderstanding and hatred phases of most historical romances. Feb 15, LanyBelle rated it really liked it Shelves: cute , favorites , native-american. What a surprise it was!

    View 2 comments. Nov 13, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-american-historical-romanc. I enjoyed this book, but there were a lot of things that could have been done better.