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The final "point of contention" is that in searching for information on the term on the internet which we all understand was written by folks like you or me there is VERY little information on it the word and what little there is, all of it seems to be revolving around back to this story. Cody October 3, at AM.

This is non-sense. No where in the Bible does it say any of this yet you all act as if this is the gospel! Stop looking to add to or take away from the scripture. The story is plan as day, the father ran to his child. Oh, men wore pants in the Bible, not tunics, that's a middle eastern custom that was adopted much later. This is what happens when we have people who are scholars full time. Natalie October 5, at PM.

Series: The Heroes of Olympus

Seems like no one takes the time to read the Bible or seek wisdom from it. As a Christian, if it isn't in the Bible, then its not truth. If you look at Revelation , then you are warned of adding to it. Catholics do, so perhaps they should think about their salvation and not adhering to a papal cult. The disgusting decadence of his lifestyle is revolting and unChristian like alone. I thought I might find solace here, but you know, sometimes God sends you somewhere to do His work. This place needs lots of work.

Perhaps I did something, but then I may have not. Tony October 24, at PM. I like this commentary.

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It is great to know those Jewish traditions that explains us how relevant this parable is to those who are seeking for truth. Truly this parable demonstrates how great the love of God for all.

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He gave His only Begotten Son to be the substitute sacrifice for our sins. Yes Lord I believe that You are my Saviour. Thank You Lord.

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Mark Stephens November 14, at PM. I do however want to share two important points for your careful, prayerful consideration.

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Point 1 - I strongly advise that we take care not to accidentally "add to" what John actually stated in Revelation Revelation certainly warns readers not to add to John's documented revelations. We are not to attempt to position additions to John's text as though they were included in John's scripture all along.

I believe it is reasonable to draw a wider general principle of interpretive application from Revelation Namely that it not good for anyone to intentionally expand upon other writings of scripture while pretending that their own additions were part of the original texts all along. Even so, I don't think that wider principle is what John had in mind when he issued the specific warning found in Revelation So we need to be careful not to misappropriate it. Where does the Bible say that any statement not explicitly found in the Bible is categorically false?

On what basis can we, then, boldly assert that whatever is not explicitly stated in the Bible is false? On what basis can such a claim be truth if it is not explicitly found in the Bible? Indeed, does not that claim itself insist that it must be "false"?

Contextual information can be gleaned from other historical documents. Such information may help us better understand how early readers of the Bible were likely to have interpreted certain passages of scripture. This is a responsible approach to honoring God by attempting to better understand and more accurately interpret the true meaning of passages contained in the Bible.

Please know that I'm not trying to make you feel guilty. I'm just trying to help us all be more careful before we jump to conclusions and especially before we judge others around us. Let's look at what the Bible actually does say about scripture. But we must seek to understand what "God-breathed" means in this context. I believe it means that God motivated, watched over, and guided the writers of scripture to teach true doctrine.


Parable of the Prodigal Son

Notice that there are some common assertions about scripture that 2 Timothy does not make. It does not say scripture is the ultimate science fact-book. What does it say? It says God breathed scripture for certain purposes and that it is useful for those purposes? What are those purposes? For teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. I do believe God communicates very important truth to us in scripture. I firmly believe that we should not contradict these important truths based on non-scriptural sources. But let's be careful not to "add to" the claims that scripture makes for itself.

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Edward Lim May 29, at PM. Jesus is a genius with His use of parables. I can imagine how different people in the audience saw themselves and the many different ways in which they were affected when they listened to the parable of the prodigal son. I for one ,saw myself as the elder son and i thought i had understood Grace. Ellen Howell August 11, at PM. Call some of your friends together and I will kill a fatted calf for you to enjoy. Clive Hendricks August 28, at AM.

Appropriate care was taken to indicate the name of the author, the title of the article, the source from which the article was taken i. I hope I did not miss crediting anyone else that should have been mentioned. Thanks for sharing the article! Clive Hendricks. Gwen October 17, at PM.

Yes very adult can run after a 3 years old since they are toddlers they would know what they are doing. But as for a child of the prodigal son age, there are circumstances that will force a patent to let go of their grown up child which is not a sign of giving get up on the child, or practicing culture of being ashamed to run. If that was the case he wouldn't have run when the son returned. The story tells us about the importance of letting go of what we don't get control over at that particular moment, yet still exercise love by paying and having faith that your lost child will one day back to their senses and come back.

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Jeremy Ridgell November 10, at PM. Wonderful observation of historical and cultural background. However, why do we call the son "prodigal" because the text doesn't mention him in that way at all? Canonical misappropriation perhaps? Nine Biola professors and two Biola Magazine editors recommend some of their favorites in a variety of genres and categories. Biola University. I ran! Of course I ran. That makes perfect sense to us. Share Facebook Twitter Email. Thank you!!

Prodigal Son Story

Patrick Ward December 3, at PM I have heard that the story of the Prodigal Son was well known in Jesus' time, but the ending in the traditional Jewish story was that the lost son remained lost, or even died a horrible and shameful death. Rich emanuel April 18, at AM Great commentary. Pusha October 23, at PM Thank you for sharing this! This adds a whole new meaning to the story!

Thanks for the pointers! Okorokt October 29, at PM wow, awesome article post. Much thanks again. Will read on Curt tueffert September 21, at PM when the elder son heard the deal, he refused to go in and therefore put shame on his father as well. Father sought out the elder son for additional restoration and removal of shame paul shepherd November 7, at AM This happened to me.

I repented of a godly sorrow and came to Lord he heals me while I was in prison and then he makes the prodigal son of SOR person of honor and send them off on a mission that he wants him to do god is great and awesome you see you're calling brother not many wives Noble or mighty or call but God has chosen the week the base the pool and the despised God is an awesome God and he's making a new world for those who love you hey man Christer Muloba August 4, at PM I have never understood the meaning of the story with such wonderful cultural explanation.

Mike October 14, at PM Please pray father will forgive son. Allen November 27, at AM We get a real glimpse of our Lord's passion and love with what you have uncovered. Joseph Durika May 20, at PM Amy Spreeman, why would Jesus explain to a first century audience that which would have been understood without explanation? Jerome Hess August 30, at AM Amy Spreeman: I was raised catholic, and any current or former members of the church will tell you, there is a great deal in the bible that they don't tell you.

Cody October 3, at AM This is non-sense. Natalie October 5, at PM Seems like no one takes the time to read the Bible or seek wisdom from it. Tony October 24, at PM I like this commentary. Clive Hendricks Gwen October 17, at PM Yes very adult can run after a 3 years old since they are toddlers they would know what they are doing.