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Jesus was embraced by many jewish people as the messiah. Not only the messiah of the Jews, but of the gentiles as well. His message was one of radical inclusion.

GBS: So versatile that he loved Hitler and Stalin – Useful Stooges

Paul spoke of the Jews as a tree that gentiles, women and even slaves could be grafted into. And many choose not to and so exclude themselves. In your efforts to excuse atheists, your desperation to ascribe moral virtue to yourself and is baldly evident.

No one is good. This is human nature. Utopian ideal structures cannot account for the evil in their own hearts. The virtue in atheistic marxist ideology is about the same as that of radical islamic fundamentalism. And the humans holding power inevitably behave in murderously evil ways. And because of that: This is the worst essay on this site. It undermines the excellent arguments in so many of the other articles. But you should be happy for both. In WW2 the pope supported the jews secretly in amazing ways. He narrowly avoided being burned at the stake, but his risks were what paved the way to protect later atheists from that same fate.

And christians are the ones who have twisted his words in every possible ways and interpreted it as they like. This article do not excuse atheist or ascribe moral virtue to them but draws attention to fact that religious people ignore their doings and blame atheist for things that they itself have done.

It is difficult to know exactly what Hitler actually believed, given that he was prone to contradiction, tailoring his statements to those in the room at any given moment, and given that his views changed over time. He was always a Catholic legally, never renounced his Church membership, and dutifully paid his Church tax.

Yes, he thought Christianity was weak and destructive, but like any educated German, he was familiar with Biblical Criticism, and he knew that the original teachings of Christ had been altered by the teachings of Paul. Hitler always admired Jesus and never said a word against him publicly or privately. It is unclear how divine he thought Jesus was, however.

He marginalized Church leaders who protested his racial and eugenic policies, and he was frustrated that he could not unite the Protestant Churches. He did not however attack the churches generally out of anti-religious malice, so you are being misleading. Curiously, he did persecute atheists for simply being atheists, and Jews for being Jews. You are misleading again when you cite Goebbels excommunication, when this action was taken by the Church because he married a Protestant, a sin the Church could not tolerate.

This, along with your tendentiousness and selective use of facts out of context, makes me wonder how objective you are on this topic. Sorry, Hitler was not a Christian. You are resorting to the same shallow analysis and logical fallacies you accuse Christians of. Firstly, to make one thing clear I am an atheist and anti-theist.

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No academic historian of the Nazi period believes Hitler was a Christian. It is demonstrably the opposite. However, he was manipulating an overwhelmingly Christian nation — at least 96 percent of the population were Christian. He referred to God in early speeches and Mein Kampf because he was an opportunist.

When Stalin Faced Hitler

Nothing more and yes I have the 4 volume set of Domarus as well and many more books besides. In reality he hated Christianity. He enacted oppressive measures against the churches and intended to wipe them out after they won the war. His closest cronies were also demonstrably not Christian and people like Goebbels and Bormann had a fanatical hatred of Christianity Goebbels was even ex-Communicated. He is on record stating that Europe would have been better off being conquered by Islam during the Moorish invasion one would assume; possibly attempted Ottoman incursions and his cooperation with the Muslim world should also be noted.

Hitler also dabbled in the occult and Himmler certainly did — all rather odd behaviour for Christians. The origin of anti-Semitism in Europe was Christianity itself, and millions of Christians happily conducted atrocities and war crimes. Nazism was at its core a non-religious religion — hence Hitler could not have been a Christian because Nazism was to be the ONLY state religion. Nor can I comfortably say Hitler was an atheist. So Christianity is responsible for all the dreadful stuff purported Christians do while atheists even those like Stalin who created a League of the Militant Godless and routinely purged priests and other religionists who do dreadful things always do them for other reasons, mostly because they act like religionists by advocating an atheist religion of sorts.

They were more like demigods of religions such as Stalinism or Maoism. It is true that had Russia had a historical background in the Enlightenment, then the millions of atheists of the Russian Revolution and the decades which came later of the Soviet State probably would have been less murderous. However, some of your other points are weaker. Read scholarly biographies of the leading atheists of the 20th century, as well as histories of millions of the atheists who planned and helped them carry out their slaughters.

HITLER & STALIN GETS IT ON! - The Sims 4: Parenthood Gameplay [Let's Play Sims 4] WW2 Family!

He and Thomas Jefferson both strongly held to a version of theism. In fact, Jefferson stated that he was a Christian, in the sense of following Jesus and thinking that humans have inherent rights from God, etc. This was a hell of an essay — brilliantly done. It should end the subjects covered once and for all, but you know these theists…. They were atheists, and they killed millions!

POL POT Pol Pot, possibly not even an atheist, but almost certainly a Buddhist, believed in the teachings of the Buddha, no matter how perverted his interpretations may or may not have been. This brings us to our next fallacy. False Analogy Fallacy This fallacy depends upon the existence of an often minor analogous factor, in this case, the belief in god versus a lack of belief in god, god being the analogous component, and extrapolating from this minor analogy, conditions that are alleged to affect both positions, when the truth of the matter happens to be, the two religion and atheism are not analogous at all.

This takes us to the next fallacy in this medley of intellectually dishonest apologetics. Example 2: None of these three dictators believed in the existence of leprechauns, hence the lack of belief in leprechauns causes people to commit atrocities. Poisoning the Well Fallacy When someone presents adverse information about, or associates unfavourable characters, characteristics or qualities with, a targeted person, or in this case, worldview atheism , with the intention of undermining it, this is known as poisoning the well.

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Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The film sheds a comic light on the power struggle after Joseph Stalin's death in A group of officials and film directors said the film was "extremist" and "aimed at humiliating the Russian people.

How hallucinations of eccentric KGB psychic influence Russian policy

The 75th anniversary comes ahead of presidential elections in two months. What's in a name? Based on a French box office hit, a new German comedy plays on the fact that "Adolf" still isn't something you can take lightly. But some comedians have successfully managed to do so. Agniezska Holland's Berlinale film revisits the Holodomor, the man-made famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in Reporter Gareth Jones broke the story that Soviets tried to hide and other journalists denied. With the s sitcom "Julia," Diahann Carroll became the first black woman to star in her own TV show.