Harvesting External Innovation: Managing External Relationships and Intellectual Property

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A Patent Classification is a code which provides a method for categorising the invention. The first number, , represents the class of invention and the number following the slash is the subclass of invention within the class. Classes and subclasses have titles which provide a short description of the class or subclass and they also have definitions which provide a more detailed explanation.

Many classes and subclasses have explicitly defined relationships to one another and patents are contained in the subclasses. In a sense, classes also contain patents but for classification purposes patents are always classified at the subclass level. Which means that one or more classification i. A patent classification also represents a searchable collection of patents grouped together according to similarly claimed subject matter. A classification is used both as a tool for finding patents patentability searches and for assisting in the assignment of patent applications to examiners, for examination purposes.

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Classifications have definitions and hierarchical relationships to one another. If yes, then the inventor should give the name of the standard and the SDO Standard Defining Organisation plus the date when it is planned that the invention is to be contributed. Interoperability refers to the ability of diverse systems to work together or inter-operate, without any special effort on the part of the customer or end-user. It is the ability of two or more networks, systems, devices, applications or components to exchange information between them and to use the information that has been exchanged.

Interoperability standards can help facilitate data integration and transmission. Patents underpin open standardisation and allow the disclosing and sharing of ideas openly and early. Without patents, it is most likely that secrecy would prevail. Patents allow technical specifications that can be promulgated consensually and early, thereby making the process inclusive, rather than exclusive. A short summary of the invention should be requested in the invention report template and it is helpful to ask certain specific questions here such as Technical documents, figures and drawings should then be attached to explain the invention in more details.

Is the inventor aware of the prior art , which is any evidence that your invention is already known. An existing product is the most obvious form of prior art but prior art does not necessarily need to exist physically or be commercially available. It is enough that someone, somewhere, at some point in time has previously described, shown or made something that contains a use of technology that is very similar to your invention.

Search engines on the internet are familiar to everyone browsing the world-wide-web and there are a variety of patent specific search engines available for use, with some being free of charge, which allow you to search through various patent databases. These can prove extremely useful, for example, when conducting prior art searches.

Picking the Right Stakeholders for Open Innovation

Patent search tools allow you to search through various databases looking through patent claims, using the complete text from an invention disclosure, or free form text. There are tools for analysing existing patent data and many people have begun to make increasing use of such patent information. These tools provide search results and analysis of the patenting activities in an industry, technology or company to ascertain or forecast the direction of technical change and to pinpoint the relative technological position of a company in a particular marketplace.

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Such visualisation is an especially effective way of representing the results of this type of patent analysis. Patent mapping is also a technique that uses patent information to create a graphical or physical representation of the relevant art pertaining to a particular technology area. Is the invention expected to be publicly disclosed in any way, and if so, when?

An invention is considered public if it is disclosed in any way.

An example could be a publication, university thesis, technical presentation, product user manual, service manual, inter-operability standards specification, a website or a submission to a technical seminar. There may be a need to sanity check the exact date of intended publication at some seminars or conferences as items such as abstracts may be published before the actual event itself is held, and could act as prior art to the same invention.


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There are however some exceptions which do allow disclosure prior to filing a patent application with the Patent Office. Use of a non-disclosure agreement with an external party is included as an exception since the invention is not made public in this form. The local jurisdictions, rules and guidance should be carefully checked to see that you are fully compliant before endeavoring to make any such public disclosure. An IDS Information Disclosure Statement is essentially a list of any references that relate to the invention and the full reference must be stated including the author, publisher, ISBN, chapter and page numbers.

The number of pages quoted should be less than ten so as not to infringe any Copyright laws. Typically, there should be between three and five references listed in the document. The availability of licenses may lead to the wider adoption of inflatable safety belts as other automakers seek to enhance passenger safety. The technology is potentially applicable to other forms of seated-passenger transportation, including military use, and airborne passengers traveling by helicopter or airplane, and even for water travel.

Ford also purchased additional inflatable safety belt patents from United Technologies Corp. This effort was made easier with the help of AutoHarvest Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of new technologies by providing unprecedented access to innovators and businesses. Cole, co-founder and board chairman for AutoHarvest.

Women, Innovation and Intellectual Property – Panel Discussion

French research organization, CEA LIST institute, has signed a membership agreement with the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace to post licensable technologies in the areas of:. To date, it has formed innovation partnerships with more than companies, mainly in Europe. Detroit, MI - January 15th, - U. The AutoHarvest. The two organizations expanded access to millions in their native language to the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace for advanced manufacturing intellectual property.

The two organizations will collaborate on the creation of an online environment for innovators to exchange information, facilitate technical discussions, and encourage the growth of entrepreneurial activities. Through the MOU, entrepreneurs and corporate executives will have direct access to a centralized online collection of databases, information resources, software and analytical tools designed to help inventors better understand the process of obtaining, maintaining and commercializing their intellectual property IP.

Through a series of actionable interfaces, innovators will also have the ability to view, directly respond to and potentially enter into business transactions to commercialize their IP or provide their technologies to emerging companies seeking advanced manufacturing solutions. The MOU marks yet another step the USPTO has taken to help grow businesses by establishing partnerships with regional economic development commissions and general public-private partnerships in order to offer a tailored suite of IP support services to local start-ups, incubators, and job accelerators.

David E. July 11, - the AutoHarvest Foundation was privileged to be a key participant, along with Mr. The event, which was reported on Mr. Chopra's White House blog , was attended by over industry, government and academic research and development professionals, who discussed how to propel the resurgence of advanced manufacturing in Michigan and introduced several new, powerful initiatives in Southeast Michigan.

Never before has there been so much emphasis on external innovation from automotive OEMs. Ford thrust this idea forward last month following the successful Grand Opening of TechShop, located in a Ford Land building, situated in the same park where Startup Suites are now being leased to entrepreneurs at discounted rates. This framework provides for more efficient communication of publicly available requirements, capability gaps, technology and information to the private sector. AutoHarvest's leadership in driving innovation throughout the global automotive industry is being supercharged with its recently awarded New Economy Initiative NEI grant.

Read more about the NEI's Detroit Regional Innovation Network, the recently launched year program to boost high-tech development and job creation in Southeast Michigan in this front page Crain's Detroit Business article. Detroit - January 28, - The AutoHarvest Foundation and Marblar have teamed up to clickstart a revolution in advanced manufacturing. By integrating AutoHarvest's e-collaboration marketplace with Marblar's crowdsourcing platform, the companies will seek to find novel market applications for the IP from AutoHarvest member institutions.

Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure - University of Southern Queensland

Marblar creates competitions around dormant and emerging technologies and rewards its community when innovative new applications for the technologies are found. AutoHarvest members have the opportunity to create Marblar competitions around specific IP, and obtain priority access to the Marblar platform and its deep and broadly talented community that stretches into the many thousands across 90 countries. AutoHarvest's deep network of government and OEM relationships perfectly complements Marblar's extensive pool of creative minds from various disciplines and backgrounds, explained Dan Perez, CEO of Marblar.

We are thrilled to be partnering up with AutoHarvest towards finding additional revenue streams for AutoHarvest's members via new applications for their patent portfolio. Our partnership with Marblar introduces our peer interest group of government, academic, manufacturing and the automotive supply chain to a whole new audience for innovation ideation and collaboration said Jayson Pankin, president and CEO of AutoHarvest.

Companies have found that crowd-creating is an innovative way to uncover new revenue for existing patents, expand technology into new markets as well as gain exposure to current applications. AutoHarvest users can go to the Marblar landing page within AutoHarvest's member system and receive VIP assistance to develop and post challenges on Marblar. While the initial focus of AutoHarvest will be on the global automotive industry, adjacent markets and stakeholders will benefit as well, including:. Current Language: English Click dropdown to change language.

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Click here to read the full press release. Licensing Executives Society U. Read the Full Press Release. Read More Link to Article. Read the "Engines of Collaboration".