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Yet what can one poor voice avail Against three tongues together? Anon, to sudden silence won, In fancy they pursue The dream-child moving through a land Of wonders wild and new, In friendly chat with bird or beast — And half believe it true.

Thus grew the tale of Wonderland: Thus slowly, one by one, Its quaint events were hammered out— And now the tale is done, And home we steer, a merry crew, Beneath the setting sun. Though this enchanting edition is currently out of print, you can still find used copies online and at the library. See more here.

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Barely in his mid-thirties at the time, the acclaimed British cartoonist — best-known today for his collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson and his unmistakable inkblot dog drawings — brings to the Carroll classic his singular semi-sensical visual genius, blending the irreverent with the sublime. See more of it here.

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Luckily, this gem can still be found in some public libraries and, occasionally, online. So much has been written about them.

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Their contents have been probed by the scalpels of psychoanalysts, literary theorists, annotators, enthusiasts and the journalists. Readers of the text and viewers of the illustrations also make a book their own. Each one of us interprets stories and pictures in our own way and each one of us is unique.

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  • It is very tempting to do so and many writers have done just that, sometimes disturbingly, often without evidence, and sometimes in a most delightfully illuminating way. The work was first published in and relays the tale of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by surreal and anthropomorphic creatures, secret gardens and a whole host of mesmerising characters.

    Over the last century and a half it has also been the challenge of many illustrators to reimagine and recreate Wonderland to delight time and time again. The book was initially illustrated the celebrated artist and illustrator John Tenniel , famed for his political satire, sharp lines and delicate arrangement. His Alice illustrations are instantly recognisable and are the most famous of this classic tale.

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    This was a period which witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in the quality of illustrated works, marking an astounding change in the way that publishers, artists and the general public came to view this hitherto insufficiently esteemed art form. It was only after the British copyright expired in , that the Alice in Wonderland was adopted by illustrators on a large scale. In that year alone twelve editions were published.

    Draw Me: A history of the illustrated Alice

    Notably, there had been a few pirate editions published in the US before this date; the version by Blanche McManus being the most famous. The Illustrated Alice contains over illustrations from 24 original publications of Alice in Wonderland during this incredible era. From character to character, scene to scene, there is always something new to discover.

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