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Feb 01, Elaine Hathaway rated it it was amazing. Oh my word. The twis and turns in the 3 books really leave you guessing and wanting more. View 1 comment. Dark Hearts What a book and end to a trilogy!

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This last book has kept my emotions spiking all over the place. So much heartbreak, yet the good that comes from some of it, is what makes life continue on. Mar 22, Books and Spoons rated it it was amazing. A series' conclusion, that left me breathless. Absolutely fantastic romantic suspense, where the romance and mystery are twined together perfectly.

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Since the book one, the author has given some clues to the reader who might have been behind the heinous, senseless murders in the small town in the mountains of Virginia. Even when part of the story is told from the murderer's point of view, the true identity still manages to surprise. The story is flowing off the pages so seamlessly, it was impossibl A series' conclusion, that left me breathless. The story is flowing off the pages so seamlessly, it was impossible to put down, until the case was solved. The fear and tension in the town are palpable, the frustration of the law enforcement high, since there seems to be no evidence to point out to any direction.

The tragic murder of their mother, brings the recluse son, Sam to the town.

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He had his reasons to stay away, the reasons no one truly understood, until they meet him again after a decade. The scars the war left on him, are not only outside, but the PTSD flares up, when you least expect, and he wanted to keep his loved ones safe, from himself. The reunion with Lainey is oddly beautiful in its brutality. It shows that no one is safe from the tragedies of life, and puts both Sam and Lainey on the same line immediately.

I absolutely loved them together, how the angst and drama of their circumstances was enough, and the author just lets them love and cherish each other, after the long separation. Their honesty, loyalty, and love for each other was stunning, and so graceful. All the characters in the story are well built, and have levels of depth, that made them alluring.

They are the kinds of people you want to spend your time with, and get to know them, lovable, charming, and utterly captivating. Apr 11, Shay Williams rated it it was ok Shelves: net-galley , romantic-suspense. I found some of the characters such as Sam to be interesting and some were one dimensional.

Darkest Heart

What really threw me off initially was the romance between Sam and Lainey. He had deserted her years ago without a word so it doesn't make sense that after throwing a coffee cup at him, they are able to pick up right where they left it way back when. It just doesn't seem to be realistic though it might be some man's dream result. And the suspense seemed to be over played.

I think that I would have thrown my iPad if I had to read the words 'the killer' once more. I am disappointed by this as I have read books by Ms. Sala before and found her to have a deft touch with tension and suspense. This is not a book that I would recommend to my readers. I have found that romantic suspense has to be real to draw the reader into the story. Without it, there is no sense of build up that this genre is known for. All opinions expressed within are my own. Jan 27, Donna Repsher rated it it was amazing.

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It takes a master weaver to combine a tale of a wounded warrior with physical scars and the PTSD to prove it, the breast cancer survivor who loved him and whom he abandoned for 10 years and with whom he might just have a second chance at happiness, the mystery of multiple homicides dating from back in and continuing into the present, the mystery of who committed these crimes, secret journals, hidden photos, death and bomb threats, the only witness in a drug-induced coma, and, as if that wasn't enough, a panther attack.

There aren't that many authors capable of weaving all the aforementioned plot lines into a perfect, seamless tapestry of pain, loss, love, devotion, regrets, forgiveness and hope. Luckily for her readers, Sharon Sala manages to do this again and again with each new novel, and this one is no exception. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Jul 15, Sometime rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle. This was an OK read for me. But I thought the mystery overshadowed the romance. And that might not be a problem but as a second chance romance story they saw each other again, had one blow up, and then everything was hunky dory and all was forgiven.

Then they went on as if the past 10 years 10! That just didn't endear me to the characters very much. I did not read the other 2 books before this one and I got along just fine. I had the killer figured out fairly soon. Still not a bad way to spend an afternoon, just not what I was hoping for. Apr 04, Donna Jo rated it it was amazing. Sharon Sala hit another ball out of the park with Dark Hearts.

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I can't remember a book that had me crying this much. A beautiful story of a man who has come home because of the death of his mother. He sees the woman that loves and starts mending there relationship. If you have not read this I can honestly say you should. Sharon Sala thank you for the many, many enjoyable hours of reading. Mystery, scandal, love of family and heart breaking love.

Great conclusion to this romantic suspense trilogy with plenty of action that moved right along. All kinds of suspects have been building throughout the series.

Rebuilding after tragedy, especially the heroine, showed the true grit of the main romantic characters. Sam returns home after his mothers murder and finally confronts Lainey, the woman he pushed away after he was wounded in war. Apr 04, Donna rated it really liked it. Sharon Sala hit another homer with Dark Hearts. First of all I really like this series. I can't remember the last book that cried so much. Mystery, scandal, love of family and finding love again. Sharon thank you for the many, many enjoyable hours of reading.

I will be waiting for the next book. Sincerely Donna Jo. Mar 30, Lesley Jones rated it it was amazing. I had been eagerly anticipating this book to finish the series. Finding out the identity of the killer was great! Sharon does an excellent job of giving you red herrings on who it could be.